A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life ..

A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Inspirational Poetry by Rose Bruno Bailey Love, Light, Namaste'

Inspirational Poetry by Rose Bruno Bailey Love, Light, Namaste'

My first contribution to the wonderful website Lightworkers World. I am honored to share some of my poetry and articles with such an esteemed and positive site.


Two years ago my life changed.  Before I could greet another east coast fall my life in NYC was becoming a distant memory. Within three weeks, my husband, my two beloved cats and I departed the city that never sleeps for the city of angels. In one of my poems I stated, "change comes on slow and then it runs you over." It couldn't be more true, especially for our lives. I felt like I was hit by the subway car, and ended up on sunny side of the universe.

We assimilated quickly to our new life in LA, and we fell in love with all the trappings of California. The friendly people, the beauty of the canyons and beaches, the history of old Hollywood and the newness of the modern entertainment field. I became a yogi loving vegetarian with a tan that never fades. I met new interesting friends and  became a regular volunteer for an animal rescue. If you really analyze it, this former lover of New York has become quite the California girl. The cats seemed to love it as well, cat or human the weather cannot be beat.

With that said, I feel change creeping up behind me, I know because I had the same exact feeling two years ago. My husband has a wonderful opportunity in NYC, and even though it could go one way or another, I have a gut feeling it may go his way. Ironically that would bring us back to Manhattan. I have mixed feelings as I contemplate what will be. I love LA, and I know when I go back I will be extremely sentimental for California. We always miss what we leave behind. But part of me feels like NYC is still in my blood and under my skin. New York is like a previous lover one cannot get over, a little rough around the edges but oh so much passion inside. I do come alive in that city, artistically alive. In LA I come alive spiritually. I would love to have both, maybe a bi-coastal future is ahead of me. Now all this could be just fodder depending on if he lands the opportunity or not. One plus to living on the east coast is the convenience to see family. I know either way I will be ecstatic and melancholic at the same time. That is why I have decided to just let God and the universe do their worst, and just wait to see what the outcome may be. I have been there, and I can handle the changes blowing in the Santa Anna winds. 

In the meantime, life to live, and a new job to start. I am also going to be doing some writing for a fabulous website in which I will post details about at a later date. My volunteer work at the yoga studio has come to a close, since my work schedule may interfere with my volunteer schedule. I am blessed to be able to use all the amazing classes I have earned. I have enough classes to get me straight into the winter months with my yoga practice. My life will either send me back to take a bite out of the big apple or embrace LA and all the beauty and opportunities here; like the audition for the dance team in 2013, plus more volunteer work, open mics and readings, to name just a few. 

All I know is as long as the four of us are together, we can handle any direction the wind may blow.
I have a vagabond spirit, and I understand the truth to the cliche' "home is where the heart is." Wherever my heart lands, I will make the best of it and channel my talents into the brand new year. I am proud of what I accomplished this year but I feel it is time to take it to a higher level, and I will do so wherever I end up. No matter what city I reside in, I am home.
Love and Light
From the west coast

Friday, September 14, 2012


I admit since Downward Dog For Cats wrapped up I have slacked off on my goals and inspirations. I think sometimes in life we get stuck, and we hold on to the glue keeping us in a stagnant position. I think for me I suffer from procrastination, and it can hold me back. I am regrouping and trying to get back on track with my goals and resolutions. It is mid September already, time really is flying right by. Before we know it, another new year will be upon us.

I have been doing a lot of reading, reading everything I can get my hands on. Inspiration comes in so many forms. My husband and I have been creating vision boards and I am trying my hand at manifesting the universe, putting it out there. It has worked for me in the past, as a matter of fact that is how my whole yoga fundraiser came about. I created it from a dream, and woke up and made it reality. It is also how I learned about the opportunity to volunteer for yoga classes at City Yoga, and yoga and other amazing classes at Swerve Studio, the home of Yoga Booty Ballet. The classes I earn are such a blessing. Now I am putting my love for dance out there in the universe, and so far the universe is listening.

My first love before poetry was dance. It all started for me when I was the age of 14. On a fluke I decided to try out for the high school dance team along with all of my friends. Most of the people I knew auditioning were just thinking of the popularity aspect, but I worked really hard and all of a sudden the captain of the squad took me under her wing. I had a natural talent for movement. I ended not only making the squad, but I was the only one to make it in both the freshman and sophomore classes. I ended up going to college and majored in Theater and Dance, and did lots of musicals and dance performances. I studied at the Cleveland Ballet, and Marguerite School of Ballet and even studied ballroom and Latin dance.

Somewhere in my thirties life took over and I just stopped until I met my best friend Melissa Bender, who convinced me to try out for her dance team. I did, I fibbed about my age and I was back in my element. I met some wonderful women, Jennifer Bertha was the captain and a beautiful soul if ever there was one, and I was thankful for the time I had performing with those fabulous ladies in the the city of champions.

A side note on how amazing Melissa Bender is, she is the reason I write poetry. She read something I wrote when I was living in Connecticut in 2005. She urged me to start writing poetry and it really took off, but that is for another post. I am grateful for her positive influences in my life.I love her like a sister, she is truly my soul sister.

So as I mentioned I have been thinking I need dance in my life again. I had a light bulb go off in my head one evening when I was reading one of the local magazines Natural Awakenings. They were one of the magazines that featured an article about Downward Dog For Cats. There was something I read in the magazine that has opened up a very exciting prospect for me. Just about a week ago I was thinking I wish there was a dance troupe for women who are over 40. I was a dancer most of my life and I mourned dancing like a hole in the heart. So I picked up my Natural Awakenings magazine and the featured article was about a dance troupe in Kansas for women over 50.

I was so inspired I googled dance in LA for those over 40, and I found the mother load or so to speak. The WNBA's LA team the Sparks has an over 40 Dance Team. They perform at The Staple Center and make appearances all over LA. They even traveled to Madison Square Garden in NYC to perform. I emailed the director and she emailed back to me that 2013 auditions will probably be in February, and she told me to watch the web site for more information.

I am going to be using my amazing best friends website for workouts. That is her pictured below,we are on the far right. I am leaning on her shoulder. She is always lending her shoulders to me for inspiration, and she also inspires the masses to be the best they can be. Be sure to check out her amazing website.I will post a link to her amazing site at the end of this post.

                                                               Back in 2005  in Pittsburgh PA 

I am going to practice yoga,train, work out, dance, and prepare as much as humanly possible. I am definitely auditioning.  The photo below was my last performance with The All American Girl's Dance Team taken in Pittsburgh PA, I think it was 2008;  I was 41 at the time.  I used to take the train from NYC to Pittsburgh to keep my commitment, and I loved every minute of it.
I am so blessed to have so many inspirational people in my life. Some are close but most are far away in miles but definitely right beside me in spirit. My beloved Mother,husband,sisters, family, new friends, lifelong friends, life is truly magical.

If you find yourself on the other side of your plans, resolutions, and goals; my advice is there is always now. Start up again, find a partner in crime to motivate you and just do it. Remember age really is just a number.  We all have the ability to press refresh and begin anew as long as we are breathing.  Namaste' love and light


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Monday, July 30, 2012


It is time for me to regroup on all of my New Years Resolutions. Downward Dog For Cats was a month ago and I need to focus on some new projects. I am also still volunteering weekly with the cat rescue, but I need to find something else to do along with the cat rescue. I love the cats so I continue on with my obligation to them, they are my second animal family.

I have earned so many classes at City Yoga, and I am going to start taking the early morning classes. What a way to start the day. I have been writing a ton lately, so I am thrilled about that. My book will be done the autumn.

Time for me to watch the Olympics and get new inspiration. It was a hot day today, and I walked for miles in the scorching sun so I am wiped out. Signing off, love and light to all.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photos of Downward Dog For Cats

Downward Dog For Cats was a success, and it was lovely being able to do something for a good cause. Here are a few photos from the event. I will still volunteer weekly at the Cat Shelter and I plan on adopting one of the cats when I am in a larger space. Thank you Tracy Gittens for teaching such an inspirational yoga class. Thank you to all of our sponsors for their support. Prime Brows, Weho Bistro, Pink Iron, Tails Magazine, and all our east coast friends who helped with the cause. Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend our yoga event, and those who traveled from afar to make the event. Thanks to the wonderful people who helped get the word out in magazines and flyers, Natural Awakenings Magazine, LAYoga, and Whole Person Magazine. Thanks to Mya and Jessica for your help with the insurance and the planning. Lastly, thank you to the ladies of Kitt Crusaders who save lives daily. Namaste'

Saturday, June 2, 2012


My new year's resolutions have been going strong. I have kept up with everything so far. My eating habits are healthy and very clean, and I exercise regularly. I have lost a few more pounds and I continue to make positive changes. Yoga has become a big part of my life. People always tell me I look like I am glowing, so I must be doing something right.

My event that I started planning a few months ago is all wrapped up and now I am just spreading the word. Downward Dog For Cats is exactly two weeks away, and I am very excited. It is for Kitt Crusaders, a non profit-no-kill cat rescue here in LA. that I volunteer with. The volunteers work tirelessly to save lives, and I am humbled that I can help raise funds for their organization. In return I have fallen in love with the cats. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with Downward Dog For Cats.

Planning the event  was not as easy as I thought it would be, but with the help of my our wonderful sponsors we did it. I wish to thank our sponsors WeHo Bistro, Prime Brows, Pink Iron, and Tails Magazine. Our sponsors are not only generous supporters, but my favorite places here in LA.Thanks to Jessica@ Griffith Park, and Mya our insurance broker. They both have been wonderful helping with the process. I wish to thank all my wonderful friends and family back east who help sponsor us, your generosity is highly appreciated. Thanks to Melissa Bender for always being there and helping spread the word and composing our facebook event page. Check her out at Melissa Bender Fitness, she is an inspiring dynamo. A shout out to Natural Awakenings Magazine, LAYoga Magazine, Whole Person Magazine, and Tails for the articles and advertisements. Last but not least we wish to thank Yogi Tracy Gittens, she is truly amazing. Thank you cards will be going out to all. I am truly proud of this event.

My poetry book will be done in the early fall, in the meantime I am submitting to literary journals and I am in the process of waiting......

Love and light to all. I plan on rebooting at the six month mark of 2012 and adding a lot more projects. Never give up on your dreams, envision them and they will come true.  I have just begun to scratch the surface!! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012


My wonderful friend back east messaged me today, she was listening to the late great Mama Cass singing the song Dream a Little Dream of Me; she thought of me since it is one of my favorite songs to sing. I played it and sang along, the melody takes you to a far off place where everything you visualize is possible.

That made me start thinking about our dreams; the dreams we have for our future, the visions we have as we sleep. After all this blog is about resolutions and making dreams a reality.  Have you ever had an idea in a dream, and woke up and made the midnight imagination a reality? I did that just recently with an idea I had in a dream. Dreams sometimes hold clues and messages, the key is to be able to retain the information and decipher the code. Listening and hearing is always important in life, whether asleep or awake.

I volunteer with a cat shelter called Kitt Crusaders. They save cats and do so much for the precious felines. I also am involved in Yoga and I have fallen in love with the practice. I wanted to do more for Kitt Crusaders than just volunteer once a week, but what could I do?  I had a dream I held a yoga class fundraiser in a local park and asked a friend of mine to teach it. Mind you, this was just a dream; but so inspiring that I woke up and immediately called Tracy Gittens, my fantastic friend and an amazing aerial yoga teacher in San Diego. I asked her if I were to be able to plan such an event, would she be willing to teach it. Of course she said yes.

I now have the ball rolling for my fundraiser for Kitt Crusaders discovered within the depths of my slumber. After all yogi's in Manhattan practice in Time Square and Bryant Park all the time, so the idea was not unusual or unattainable.

Fast forward a month, I am now in the midst of planning my event. I am waiting for the approval to hold my event at Griffith Park in June, the perfect place to mingle mind and body; with the salt of the earth below our feet and  sun and clouds hovering above our heads as we perform yoga poses for a good cause. It is amazing to me what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it, whether conscious or subconscious.Namaste'