A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life ..

A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life...

Friday, October 26, 2012


Two years ago my life changed.  Before I could greet another east coast fall my life in NYC was becoming a distant memory. Within three weeks, my husband, my two beloved cats and I departed the city that never sleeps for the city of angels. In one of my poems I stated, "change comes on slow and then it runs you over." It couldn't be more true, especially for our lives. I felt like I was hit by the subway car, and ended up on sunny side of the universe.

We assimilated quickly to our new life in LA, and we fell in love with all the trappings of California. The friendly people, the beauty of the canyons and beaches, the history of old Hollywood and the newness of the modern entertainment field. I became a yogi loving vegetarian with a tan that never fades. I met new interesting friends and  became a regular volunteer for an animal rescue. If you really analyze it, this former lover of New York has become quite the California girl. The cats seemed to love it as well, cat or human the weather cannot be beat.

With that said, I feel change creeping up behind me, I know because I had the same exact feeling two years ago. My husband has a wonderful opportunity in NYC, and even though it could go one way or another, I have a gut feeling it may go his way. Ironically that would bring us back to Manhattan. I have mixed feelings as I contemplate what will be. I love LA, and I know when I go back I will be extremely sentimental for California. We always miss what we leave behind. But part of me feels like NYC is still in my blood and under my skin. New York is like a previous lover one cannot get over, a little rough around the edges but oh so much passion inside. I do come alive in that city, artistically alive. In LA I come alive spiritually. I would love to have both, maybe a bi-coastal future is ahead of me. Now all this could be just fodder depending on if he lands the opportunity or not. One plus to living on the east coast is the convenience to see family. I know either way I will be ecstatic and melancholic at the same time. That is why I have decided to just let God and the universe do their worst, and just wait to see what the outcome may be. I have been there, and I can handle the changes blowing in the Santa Anna winds. 

In the meantime, life to live, and a new job to start. I am also going to be doing some writing for a fabulous website in which I will post details about at a later date. My volunteer work at the yoga studio has come to a close, since my work schedule may interfere with my volunteer schedule. I am blessed to be able to use all the amazing classes I have earned. I have enough classes to get me straight into the winter months with my yoga practice. My life will either send me back to take a bite out of the big apple or embrace LA and all the beauty and opportunities here; like the audition for the dance team in 2013, plus more volunteer work, open mics and readings, to name just a few. 

All I know is as long as the four of us are together, we can handle any direction the wind may blow.
I have a vagabond spirit, and I understand the truth to the cliche' "home is where the heart is." Wherever my heart lands, I will make the best of it and channel my talents into the brand new year. I am proud of what I accomplished this year but I feel it is time to take it to a higher level, and I will do so wherever I end up. No matter what city I reside in, I am home.
Love and Light
From the west coast