A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life ..

A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life...

Friday, September 14, 2012


I admit since Downward Dog For Cats wrapped up I have slacked off on my goals and inspirations. I think sometimes in life we get stuck, and we hold on to the glue keeping us in a stagnant position. I think for me I suffer from procrastination, and it can hold me back. I am regrouping and trying to get back on track with my goals and resolutions. It is mid September already, time really is flying right by. Before we know it, another new year will be upon us.

I have been doing a lot of reading, reading everything I can get my hands on. Inspiration comes in so many forms. My husband and I have been creating vision boards and I am trying my hand at manifesting the universe, putting it out there. It has worked for me in the past, as a matter of fact that is how my whole yoga fundraiser came about. I created it from a dream, and woke up and made it reality. It is also how I learned about the opportunity to volunteer for yoga classes at City Yoga, and yoga and other amazing classes at Swerve Studio, the home of Yoga Booty Ballet. The classes I earn are such a blessing. Now I am putting my love for dance out there in the universe, and so far the universe is listening.

My first love before poetry was dance. It all started for me when I was the age of 14. On a fluke I decided to try out for the high school dance team along with all of my friends. Most of the people I knew auditioning were just thinking of the popularity aspect, but I worked really hard and all of a sudden the captain of the squad took me under her wing. I had a natural talent for movement. I ended not only making the squad, but I was the only one to make it in both the freshman and sophomore classes. I ended up going to college and majored in Theater and Dance, and did lots of musicals and dance performances. I studied at the Cleveland Ballet, and Marguerite School of Ballet and even studied ballroom and Latin dance.

Somewhere in my thirties life took over and I just stopped until I met my best friend Melissa Bender, who convinced me to try out for her dance team. I did, I fibbed about my age and I was back in my element. I met some wonderful women, Jennifer Bertha was the captain and a beautiful soul if ever there was one, and I was thankful for the time I had performing with those fabulous ladies in the the city of champions.

A side note on how amazing Melissa Bender is, she is the reason I write poetry. She read something I wrote when I was living in Connecticut in 2005. She urged me to start writing poetry and it really took off, but that is for another post. I am grateful for her positive influences in my life.I love her like a sister, she is truly my soul sister.

So as I mentioned I have been thinking I need dance in my life again. I had a light bulb go off in my head one evening when I was reading one of the local magazines Natural Awakenings. They were one of the magazines that featured an article about Downward Dog For Cats. There was something I read in the magazine that has opened up a very exciting prospect for me. Just about a week ago I was thinking I wish there was a dance troupe for women who are over 40. I was a dancer most of my life and I mourned dancing like a hole in the heart. So I picked up my Natural Awakenings magazine and the featured article was about a dance troupe in Kansas for women over 50.

I was so inspired I googled dance in LA for those over 40, and I found the mother load or so to speak. The WNBA's LA team the Sparks has an over 40 Dance Team. They perform at The Staple Center and make appearances all over LA. They even traveled to Madison Square Garden in NYC to perform. I emailed the director and she emailed back to me that 2013 auditions will probably be in February, and she told me to watch the web site for more information.

I am going to be using my amazing best friends website for workouts. That is her pictured below,we are on the far right. I am leaning on her shoulder. She is always lending her shoulders to me for inspiration, and she also inspires the masses to be the best they can be. Be sure to check out her amazing website.I will post a link to her amazing site at the end of this post.

                                                               Back in 2005  in Pittsburgh PA 

I am going to practice yoga,train, work out, dance, and prepare as much as humanly possible. I am definitely auditioning.  The photo below was my last performance with The All American Girl's Dance Team taken in Pittsburgh PA, I think it was 2008;  I was 41 at the time.  I used to take the train from NYC to Pittsburgh to keep my commitment, and I loved every minute of it.
I am so blessed to have so many inspirational people in my life. Some are close but most are far away in miles but definitely right beside me in spirit. My beloved Mother,husband,sisters, family, new friends, lifelong friends, life is truly magical.

If you find yourself on the other side of your plans, resolutions, and goals; my advice is there is always now. Start up again, find a partner in crime to motivate you and just do it. Remember age really is just a number.  We all have the ability to press refresh and begin anew as long as we are breathing.  Namaste' love and light


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  1. You are an inspiration and a vibrant soul. Keep making your dreams come true. The only thing that can hold you back in life is if you never go for your dreams. Keep it up.