A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life ..

A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vision Quest

My husband and I have decided to make a vision board, to harness our energy and share with the universe our goals and dreams. This will be done in the first of February to kick of the second month of the year. What do you have on your vision board. Do not be afraid to vocalize your desires in life.It really works, just try it.

January was a success so far. I have been exercising five days a week and I finally took the first step into a yoga class. I get so many wonderful classes due to my work exchanges and Pink Iron and it is time I took the gifts presented before me. I really enjoyed my yoga class and afterwards felt like I was floating. More serenity through the yoga studio to come.I have the opportunity to take classes three to four times a week.I plan on mastering the art of yoga.Shout outs to Pink Iron, City Yoga, and Swerve Studio and all their amazing owners, managers and staff.

I lost 6 pounds and I continue to forge forward. I tried something that could be a wonderful opportunity and a little scary. The best accomplishment was the fact that I put myself out there and gave it my all, whether or not it pans out is for fate to decide. I also had new yet wonderful friends to help me along the way, making me remember it is our friends and loved ones that shape our lives.

I also have been reminding myself that giving back is one of life's greatest gifts. I am calling the cat shelter to volunteer starting next week. I would like to find a senior home and visit the residents in the near future, in the months to come. I have many resolutions but one of the most important is to make a difference in the world. I hope I am up for that challenge.

Sticking to all of my resolutions, and evolving as the year continues to unfold. A flower does not blossom overnight, it takes time to become the coveted rose.

Love and light to all on this blessed Monday.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Weekend of January

It is the last weekend in January, and I have stayed strong on my diet and fitness goals. I have walked one hour a day five days a week. I have also lost five pounds since I began my weight watchers points in mid January. Tonight I had a small splurge with one slice of cheese pizza, light on the cheese and a diet coke. To be able to stop at one slice is definitely an accomplishment as well as only drinking only one soda, the first in a month. I have been so disciplined with my eating and exercise for all of January. 

I have soldiered forward, even on days when I did not feel well. This week was one of those weeks. I am getting a wisdom tooth and have not felt as well as usual. The old me might have cancelled on my volunteer work for classes programs, the new me followed through with my obligations. I forged forward with my resolutions despite the pain, making a dental appointment for next week. I also finally had my vision checked, and I will be needing reading glasses in the near future.I had my eyes dilated for the first time, a very strange feeling. It made me realize what a gift sight is and it should never be taken for granted. On a bright note, the eye Dr. thought I resembled Catherine Zeta Jones, that made my day. I have other Dr. appointments I need to fulfill in the next few months. I want to be fit and healthy, in mind and body.

Today was end of month cleaning, getting rid of clutter and chaos. An organized home leads to a sense of well being and productivity. I love being able to work for classes at City Yoga, and to be participant in the Seva for classes at Swerve Studio. Pink Iron is the best ladies gym and I absolutely love everyone there. I have a large support system and I am meeting some pretty fabulous people, making it easier to go after my fitness goals. 

February will be my month of taking the classes I have been earning as well as keeping up with my dieting,workouts and walking. The classes are in addition to my workouts. I have discovered the fun of disco music again while speed walking on the treadmill, but I still enjoy my three mile outdoor walks.

I  plan on beginning my volunteer work at the no-kill cat shelter next month. I have some other resolutions for February to add to my list as the month begins, as well as keeping up with the important dates and correspondence to those who mean the most in my life. January's birthdays were mailed and received, February's to follow.  It may seem like a small resolution, but it is one of the most important ones indeed. I am also looking forward to some fun on Superbowl Sunday and Valentine's Day. My husband and I have made a decision to give up something up for lent, keeping with the respect of the season and its meaning.

Signing off for now, I have a yoga class in the morning and my eyes are tired from the dilation. Nothing like slumbering in a serene, clean atmosphere, makes for sweet dreams.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Year Of The Dragon-Last week of January

Happy Chinese New Year to all. It is the year of the water dragon which ushers in abundance and good fortune. I decided to celebrate by making a healthy version of Chinese stir-fry with fried whole grain rice, accompanied by vegetable egg rolls from Trader Joe's. How are your new year's resolutions coming along? 

Today brought a steady rain storm along with the Chinese New Year, which was completely refreshing and cleansing, keeping with the symbol of the water dragon. I still got in my hour long walk and it felt amazing.  I walked to disco music and I seriously felt like I could fly. I weighed in for the first time since I have started my weight watchers points a week ago and I am down five pounds. 

It is the last week of January and I believe I am on par with my New Year's resolutions. I am walking an hour a day five days a week. Today I added some free weights. I am following my weight watchers points and keeping a food journal, weighing in weekly. I volunteer at two different yoga studios and I earn free classes to use whenever I please. 

I made my list of Birthdays and I am getting organized on that front, January Birthdays have been mailed. My Father in Law is feeling better and they are releasing him tomorrow. I will be volunteering at the no kill cat shelter in my neighborhood starting soon. So far I am sticking to my resolutions and enjoying the process. I still have eleven months and a week to go and there are more to come as the year unfolds. 

I am making sure we find the time for enjoyment as I  Live La Dolce' Vita. We went to Happy Hour  with wonderful friends at the Sunset Trocadero Saturday Night. It is this charming Hollywood lounge on the Sunset Strip. We had a lovely time at this old Hollywood haunt that has been there since the 1930's and was known for jitterbug back in the day. They have half priced appetizers and drinks and of course being California they offered healthy options. They even played black and white movies on the big screen t.v. It is my new favorite place to go, I loved the hummus and asparagus.

Happy Chinese New Year!!  May your year be full of abundance and good fortune, wishing you  success achieving all of your new year's resolutions. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Don't Take Loved Ones For Granted

Life is beautiful and fragile at the same moment. We travel up  hills and  down valleys on this journey, the ups and downs of our mere existence.  We need to be in the moment and not take loved ones for granted. We are human, flawed and sometimes we move at such an erratic pace through our days that we miss what is truly valuable.

I did just that this week even though I made my self promise not to do so in 2012.  I did mail out my Birthday cards, albeit late. My Father in law was  one of the recipients of a late birthday card. My husband spoke to him yesterday for hours and of course let him know the card is on the way. That  very evening his Mother called to inform us he was admitted into the hospital with chest pains and a very high heart rate. He is stable and we are hoping it was just anxiety and not serious. What a wake up call this was for me, the card should have been there on his exact birthday January 13th. I have no excuse but selfish procrastination and the self realization that such an action is wrong and should never occur when it comes to someone in your life whose presence holds such importance. 

I promised myself this year that all aspects of life would be addressed. I know I have many large resolutions and I am staying on track with them. At the same time I have many 2012 vows to myself to make changes to live a better life; be a better family member and friend. Living La Dolce' Vita translates to living the sweet soulful life. I just learned the hard way how delicate the blessing of life is. One mistake, like a late birthday card can end up being a lifetime of regret. Take the time now to send the cards, to call a loved one because time is of the essence, it is fleeting and one should never regret anything in life. We constantly get second and third chances if we are lucky, and I intend to take those chances and not make such lazy mistakes in the future. I pray my wonderful Father in law recovers and lives a long life. He is a perfect role model for the whole family and we are blessed to have him.
I am making my month list of birthdays so I can send cards out at the beginning of each month. In this world of technology and Facebook we sometimes forget the ones who we love the most do not take part in the modern way of keeping in touch. To make the extra effort is easy and they deserve that and so much more from us. I am grateful for my beautiful families on each side, but my gratitude doesn't mean anything if I do not take the time to let them know how important they are. I hope I never get the chance to live with such regrets and will continue to strive to "LIVE LA DOLCE' VITA"  and to be forever grateful for this elusive gift called life. 

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.”


                                                          Surf the wild waves of life,
                                                  Ride the Tide.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Correspondence and Classes

Good evening to all. It is January 18th and the first month is breezing by. I am doing my best to be  mindful in the moment. I did drop the ball on one thing, I forgot to send out some birthday cards to some very special people. This week I will send out some late cards, and also mail out Happy New Year cards to friends and family. One of my new year's resolutions is to stop neglecting correspondence, and get more organized and be a better friend and family member. Not everyone I am close with is on Facebook and it is nice to receive real mail every now and then. I need to remember those I love, especially since they are so far in distance.

This week I will buy some cards and go to a lovely coffee shop and write to the special people in my life. I also bought a beautiful calendar/day planner at the yoga studio.  I get 20% off since I volunteer and it will really be the key to help me remember important dates. It even has a lot of pockets, which gives me a place to store greeting cards until it is time to mail them. My goal is to mail birthday cards in the beginning of each month,and keep a list of every one's birthday in the calendar.

I am up to three hours each week volunteering at two different studios. That means I get 3 classes for my service each week, this week I earned four classes since I trained today. The classes never expire so I can take three classes a week if I so desire, or I can use them whenever I please. The one studio is an ongoing work exchange for classes program once a week. The other is just a substitution program. I am subbing for one of the volunteers who is out of town. By the time she returns I will have close to ten classes at the second studio. After she returns I will sub when they need me. This is great because each studio has different classes I would love to try. You give therefore you receive.

Of course I walked today, for an hour and I have been following my weight watchers points; drinking my water and taking my supplements. I feel like I am on the right path. It is a marathon and not a sprint so I am enjoying the process of improving myself inside and out. There is a new show on television called the Revolution which is really inspiring. It is about making over your life, kind of similar to what I am doing in this blog. Resolutions take time and perseverance. If you slip up or find yourself losing focus, just remember to pick back up where you left off. Do not give up on your belief in your dreams.

Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I am getting sleepy so it is time for me to sign off. Funny, when I lived in NYC I would stay up til 3 or 4 am and sleep all afternoon. Here in southern California I am up before the sun and ready for bed before 9 pm. I like to do some light inspirational reading before bed, with TCM on the tube.  Much love and light to all and goodnight. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Third week of January

Good morning to all on this lovely Tuesday morning. Some of you around the country are waking up to cooler temperatures, snow and rain. Be safe in your daily commutes and keep warm. I hope you are all still motivated with your resolutions. January is now in full swing, time to kick it up just a notch. I understand when you live in a winter climate it is hard to stay motivated, but just keep going. It will be worth it as the year progresses. 

The L.A. weather today is a little cooler for our standards, we woke up to 40 degrees and it will be 61 as a high today with sunny skies. I find this type of weather perfect for walking. It is not too hot and just cool enough, as you walk and work up a sweat you are still reasonably comfortable. The sun makes all the difference in the world, as does having a walking partner. We walked for an hour yesterday and clocked 2.9 miles on the pedometer. The time goes much faster when you walk with a friend, and I find you really keep the pace as well. We plan to walk together Mon-Tues-Wed. for an hour each day.Not only is is great exercise and company, but we discuss all of our goals and truly motivate one another. A power walk and a  positive  jam session. Since I volunteer at the yoga studios on Thursdays and Fridays I will have to walk on my own on those particular days.

Speaking of volunteering, one of my other non-fitness related resolutions is to do something to give back, something I am passionate about. Well I will be volunteering at a local no-kill cat shelter starting in a few weeks, visiting and playing with the cats and helping feed and clean. I stumbled across them on Santa Monica Blvd as they were having adoption day at a local pet store. I gave a donation and told them I was open to help, the cats were so precious. I almost walked away with one.

After our walk I did a little additional walking on my own, running errands on foot. I went to weigh in and decided I am going to work towards a weight loss of sixty pounds. When I tell people that is what I would like to lose they look at me with a strange look, but I am going by the numbers and this is the goal I have chosen. I understand I have an hourglass type figure but I still believe it is the right amount for me.Of course the inches I will lose will make a difference as well, and I will be open to change in this journey if I get closer to my goal and I find I am becoming too thin. I will weigh in every Monday and document my weight change each week, loss or gain. 

Off to eat my latest discovery. Post shredded wheat cereal with no sugar/sodium and very high fiber. I know oatmeal is healthy but sometimes you want cold cereal that is quick yet delicious. With blueberries and low fat milk you cannot go wrong. There was a time when I did not eat breakfast, now I find eating a morning meal is so important to get your metabolism and day going. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone. Be sure to take time in your day to enjoy the moment; to enjoy the process of reaching your goals. Try not to let your day speed by, be mindful  and remember to breath and smell the roses. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling Grateful

Good morning to all, it is early Friday morning here on the west coast. The weather is going to be beautiful today, highs in the 70's and sunny. I was watching Goldie Hawn on television yesterday, she was featured on the Dr. Oz. show. I truly love her spirit, at 66 she embodies pure joy. She was speaking about happiness and how we can achieve it through gratitude. I believe gratitude is the key to bliss, to be grateful for every blessing in our lives. That does not mean we should be complacent  and  not strive for more, but that we choose to love our lives in the present and all of the beauty that surrounds them; to be mindful of every moment. The small pleasures as well as the grand; the loves of our lives, the smiles from strangers, the first morning cup of coffee that teases our senses and warms our soul. Happiness can be sought and never found if we do not express the gratitude for the gifts we have been granted. I  for one agree with Goldie Hawn that each and every day we should show gratitude for five things in our lives. If you believe in energy and the law of attraction you will see this works, when you show sincere gratitude and have a optimistic attitude it comes back to you like a ricochet of  positivity.

Every Friday afternoon I volunteer an hour of my time at City Yoga in exchange for classes. I feel it is a wonderful way to take classes and also to be able to lend my services; I give so therefore I receive. I was contacted from Swerve Studios, the home of Yoga Booty Ballet, and they would like me to fill in for a month for their SEVA volunteer program in exchange for classes at their studio. I am so excited to have the opportunity at both studios. I believe Swerve has ballet classes, like my mother said yesterday ballet was my first love, something I did most of my life. I majored in theater/dance in college and I danced up until about ten years ago or so, and how I have missed it. These volunteer opportunities go hand in hand with my resolutions and I am grateful for the opportunity to take yoga and ballet. My walking is on pace and I now have a wonderful walking partner, we begin Monday walking together. It will be refreshing to have someone to walk with.

Well I am off for now, as I look down at my precious two cats I am overwhelmed with abundance and joy, and I am so grateful for every minute I am breathing. Time to make a pot of coffee and get going with my day. Onward 2012. Like Dean Martin once sang in a song. ~GOOD MORNING LIFE~
Love and Light to all,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Walking Partner

                                               GREETINGS FROM LA
Hello to all on this lovely evening. I am happy to report I did find a walking partner, and she is walking with me beginning next Monday. I look forward to adding this different dynamic to my walking routine. She is such a positive and vibrant person, so it will be a joy to walk with her. Monday is my first weigh in, a day of new beginnings. I am keeping up with my January resolutions so far and it feels amazing. I know I have a long way to go but starting is half the challenge.

I hope you are finding success and enjoying the process on your journey to fulfill your new year's resolutions. Getting started is half the battle, it is like a marathon, so do not expect to get there overnight. Whatever your striving for is worth the hard work. Just visualize your dreams and make them happen. 

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. John Quincy Adams

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Found a Walking Partner.

Update on my walking, I am sticking to my resolution and it is going great .I am really picking up speed in my second week. Today as I  headed out I ran into a friend who wants to join me on my walks. I think having a walking partner could really challenge me to go faster and also have fun doing so. Maybe we can find a 5K walk and enter for inspiration.

The diet is coming along too. I never eat past 7:00 pm and it really helps with my sleep pattern. Trader Joe's has a high fiber, no sugar/sodium cereal that is awesome. I am yet to weigh in, I am doing that in the third week. I wanted to get back into a routine before I conquer the scale. Once I do I will weigh in every Monday. Today Jennifer Hudson was on the Dr. Oz show talking about Weight Watchers and her journey, it was quite motivating. How are your resolutions coming along?

I am so sleepy tonight so that is all I can muster up at this time. Goodnight to all and sweet dreams.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pictures of my daily walk

Here are some photos I took on my daily walk. I walk for an hour through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills at least five days a week.One of the steps I am taking in my get fit new year's resolution. I have many resolutions but this is the one which will be first and of course ongoing, and it is going great so far.

Of course I have such a beautiful place to walk, and I soak in every sight and splendor as I work out.Note the tree doing a back bend, it took my breath away. When I am done I will be as limber as that tree, like I once was during my ballet days. Yoga this week too, the tree was a sign. Namaste'

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Morning Update

Good morning to all. It is nearly 8:00 am here on the west coast. Another beautiful sunny day as I am about to enjoy my healthy breakfast and get ready to tackle the morn. My week of exercise and following my Weight Watchers points has been going smooth, to say I am inspired would be an understatement.

I picked up Weight Watchers Magazine for further motivation yesterday, and stopped at a french cafe for tea and reflection. Reading  helps keep me on track with my goals. We can learn from others who have walked in similar shoes on their path to be healthier. The letter from the CEO of Weight Watchers  David Kirchhoff was surprisingly inspiring. He also has a blog I stumbled across when looking for Weight Watchers online. www.manmeetsscale.blogspot.com
I blog I will definitely follow, I can use all the support I can get and he seems extremely authentic. I appreciate the sincerity coming from someone at the corporate level of Weight Watchers. Makes me admire their company even more, if that is even possible.

Today I am volunteering at City Yoga, which gives me a complimentary class for every hour I volunteer. A great way to give back and get healthy at the same time.I will also do my hour long walk.  I read online that walking outdoors is more beneficial than walking on a treadmill, so I will continue my walking  outside with the sunshine guiding my path.
I have snapped some photos of my walking path, and I will post soon.
Namaste' and Happy Friday to all.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Update Midweek

It is midweek of the new year, and it is going to be 81 degrees today. My walking is going great, it has been so lovely one can have no excuses.I will take some pictures of my walking path, and post soon. To recap I will be walking five to six days a week, one hour a day. Mon-Fri and sometimes Saturday.

As soon as I get into this routine for a week I will add the weight lifting schedule.I will also get on the scale soon so I an chart my weight loss, and I will document the changes.

I am have been following my weight watchers points, which really help me stay on track with my healthy eating and have balance at the same time. I make sure I get over five servings of produce daily, I think vegetables and fruits should be the basis of healthy eating.I realize even with points certain foods have to be off limits for me on a regular basis, and pasta is one of those foods that makes me feel sluggish and ill so I will choose not to eat it.
I will only indulge on occasion.

I am back to decaffeinated coffee and drinking tons of fresh water. I am also eating an early morning breakfast which is a great way to stay on track for the whole day. It gets your metabolism going and sets your mind frame up for a day of healthy eating. I do not eat past 7:00 pm and it really helps with my sleep patterns. It is funny how we fall out of these routines during the holidays but they really do make a difference in how you feel.

I purchased a supplement to keep my hair strong as I make my transitions. It was on sale so it was a bonus. I also have been doing my dry skin brushing daily. I choose to do it in the morning before my shower, and my skin has never felt softer. Ayurvedic dry skin brushing is believed to help the body detox and it feels amazing as well.

Love to all as you embark on your first week of changes of 2012. What are you doing this week to make a difference in your resolutions??

Til next time, have a wonderful day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2nd, Day One

I made a delicious vegetarian lasagna for New Year's Day dinner. I used ground soy and it turned out amazing. Now it is time for me to get back on track, tomorrow I will be following weight watchers points with emphasis on less sugar/fats/sodiums and more whole grains, produce and tons of fresh water. If I eat bread it will only be ezekial bread, or grains with at least four grams a fiber.

I normally eat very healthy, and I was down twelve pounds before the holidays. Then Thanksgiving came along, and our  San Francisco trip and I went a little overboard. When we returned I was terribly ill with either stomach flu or food poisoning, and I am still not 100% yet. My body is craving clean eating since I have not felt well in weeks, it is telling me it is about time. I look forward to the challenge and the bonus of feeling better again, in body and in mind.

Tomorrow will also be the first day of my fitness plan, I will start with an hour long walk which I plan to do Monday through Friday, five days a week. My fitness plan also includes mind/body/beauty transformations. This week I am going to begin with dry skin brushing to my grooming routine.It is believed by Ayurvedic practictioners that dry skin brushing helps the body naturally cleanse itself of toxins and stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system.
Brushing should be done once a day, on rising before you dress or before retiring at night. If you are taking a shower, skin brush before the shower so that the dead skin and other debris will be washed away. Use upward strokes avoiding the heart area. Not only a terrific way to detox but also exfoliate winter dry skin.

I look forward to beginning my brand new year tomorrow with my first changes for the month of January. Now these resolutions will be ongoing, a routine from month to month I plan to keep up with. They say it takes twenty one days to develop a new habit. I have a month to make this resolution my habit.

One of my best friends has a terrific blog, http://www.fitnessbender.com/ She helps keep me motivated; as well as my wonderful friend Tracy Gittens who teaches aerial yoga in San Diego CA, and her amazing sister Nadiah Gittens who is a terrific personal trainer. You can check them out at http://www.galaxylifestyle.com/. These woman all live health and fitness every day, they are an inspiration to me and role models to be the best you can be for you.
We are all unique creatures, shining our light and living our best life,  authentic and true.

Next month I will roll out new resolutions for February, as well as keeping up  with my new found health habits. Happy New Year's resolutions to all, may 2012 be the best year ever for everyone. Love, light, and good health to all.