A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life ..

A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Year Of The Dragon-Last week of January

Happy Chinese New Year to all. It is the year of the water dragon which ushers in abundance and good fortune. I decided to celebrate by making a healthy version of Chinese stir-fry with fried whole grain rice, accompanied by vegetable egg rolls from Trader Joe's. How are your new year's resolutions coming along? 

Today brought a steady rain storm along with the Chinese New Year, which was completely refreshing and cleansing, keeping with the symbol of the water dragon. I still got in my hour long walk and it felt amazing.  I walked to disco music and I seriously felt like I could fly. I weighed in for the first time since I have started my weight watchers points a week ago and I am down five pounds. 

It is the last week of January and I believe I am on par with my New Year's resolutions. I am walking an hour a day five days a week. Today I added some free weights. I am following my weight watchers points and keeping a food journal, weighing in weekly. I volunteer at two different yoga studios and I earn free classes to use whenever I please. 

I made my list of Birthdays and I am getting organized on that front, January Birthdays have been mailed. My Father in Law is feeling better and they are releasing him tomorrow. I will be volunteering at the no kill cat shelter in my neighborhood starting soon. So far I am sticking to my resolutions and enjoying the process. I still have eleven months and a week to go and there are more to come as the year unfolds. 

I am making sure we find the time for enjoyment as I  Live La Dolce' Vita. We went to Happy Hour  with wonderful friends at the Sunset Trocadero Saturday Night. It is this charming Hollywood lounge on the Sunset Strip. We had a lovely time at this old Hollywood haunt that has been there since the 1930's and was known for jitterbug back in the day. They have half priced appetizers and drinks and of course being California they offered healthy options. They even played black and white movies on the big screen t.v. It is my new favorite place to go, I loved the hummus and asparagus.

Happy Chinese New Year!!  May your year be full of abundance and good fortune, wishing you  success achieving all of your new year's resolutions. 


  1. Happy Chinese New Year! Keep up the good work. You are doing an amazing job! :D

    I wish I could have some of that stir fry!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you my friend!!!!! I would have loved to have been with you for happy hour!

  3. Thanks FitnessBender I wish you were here to try some. Jan, you would love this lounge.