A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life ..

A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling Grateful

Good morning to all, it is early Friday morning here on the west coast. The weather is going to be beautiful today, highs in the 70's and sunny. I was watching Goldie Hawn on television yesterday, she was featured on the Dr. Oz. show. I truly love her spirit, at 66 she embodies pure joy. She was speaking about happiness and how we can achieve it through gratitude. I believe gratitude is the key to bliss, to be grateful for every blessing in our lives. That does not mean we should be complacent  and  not strive for more, but that we choose to love our lives in the present and all of the beauty that surrounds them; to be mindful of every moment. The small pleasures as well as the grand; the loves of our lives, the smiles from strangers, the first morning cup of coffee that teases our senses and warms our soul. Happiness can be sought and never found if we do not express the gratitude for the gifts we have been granted. I  for one agree with Goldie Hawn that each and every day we should show gratitude for five things in our lives. If you believe in energy and the law of attraction you will see this works, when you show sincere gratitude and have a optimistic attitude it comes back to you like a ricochet of  positivity.

Every Friday afternoon I volunteer an hour of my time at City Yoga in exchange for classes. I feel it is a wonderful way to take classes and also to be able to lend my services; I give so therefore I receive. I was contacted from Swerve Studios, the home of Yoga Booty Ballet, and they would like me to fill in for a month for their SEVA volunteer program in exchange for classes at their studio. I am so excited to have the opportunity at both studios. I believe Swerve has ballet classes, like my mother said yesterday ballet was my first love, something I did most of my life. I majored in theater/dance in college and I danced up until about ten years ago or so, and how I have missed it. These volunteer opportunities go hand in hand with my resolutions and I am grateful for the opportunity to take yoga and ballet. My walking is on pace and I now have a wonderful walking partner, we begin Monday walking together. It will be refreshing to have someone to walk with.

Well I am off for now, as I look down at my precious two cats I am overwhelmed with abundance and joy, and I am so grateful for every minute I am breathing. Time to make a pot of coffee and get going with my day. Onward 2012. Like Dean Martin once sang in a song. ~GOOD MORNING LIFE~
Love and Light to all,

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  1. I agree with Goldie. :) Jesse and I say prayers of thanks every night. You are a blessing, and I am glad you're feeling so blessed.