A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life ..

A journey on the path to la dolce vita. The sweet soulful life...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Found a Walking Partner.

Update on my walking, I am sticking to my resolution and it is going great .I am really picking up speed in my second week. Today as I  headed out I ran into a friend who wants to join me on my walks. I think having a walking partner could really challenge me to go faster and also have fun doing so. Maybe we can find a 5K walk and enter for inspiration.

The diet is coming along too. I never eat past 7:00 pm and it really helps with my sleep pattern. Trader Joe's has a high fiber, no sugar/sodium cereal that is awesome. I am yet to weigh in, I am doing that in the third week. I wanted to get back into a routine before I conquer the scale. Once I do I will weigh in every Monday. Today Jennifer Hudson was on the Dr. Oz show talking about Weight Watchers and her journey, it was quite motivating. How are your resolutions coming along?

I am so sleepy tonight so that is all I can muster up at this time. Goodnight to all and sweet dreams.


  1. You should definitely do the 5K!!!! It's so motivating, and you would love it! :D I am glad you have a new walking partner. It helps to have that commitment.

  2. @ FitnessBender,Thank you so much for the support.